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Millennials are killing it

millennials killing, millennials

Millennials, you guys are killing it. Literally.

From napkins to movies, the media and economists are blaming the downfall of just about every industry on the rise of the millennial generation.

At 75 million strong, millennials are the most populous generation in the United States right now and their whims are taking the driver seat in the economy.

Millennials are a generation that values experiences over products — 71 percent of 18- to 35-year-olds value experiences as the most important thing in their lives

So, is it true? Are millennials a generation of murderers or have they just gotten a bad rep?

Even if millennials have “killed” these industries, at least they’re single-handedly keeping the avocado market afloat.

Here’s a roundup of some of the things on the millennial hit list (according to them):

Napkins. Millennials are killing napkins.

Millennials favor paper towels over the more traditional paper napkin, according to Business Insider, and their choice is causing a major disruption for the old-school napkin industry.

Homeownership. Millennials are killing homeownership.

The homeownership rate across America is at an all time low in 2017 and millennials are being blamed for a large part of that. The homeownership rate among millennials is just 34 percent.

Department stores. Millennials are killing department stores.

The decline of brick and mortar establishments has been well documented in recent years, but it’s millennials who are being credited with putting the final nail in the coffin, thanks to their penchant for online shopping.

Relationships. Millennials are killing relationships.

Blame it on millennials, blame it on Tinder. The times are a-changing.

Millennials are killing the 9 to 5 workday. Is that such a bad thing?

Whether this is a good or bad thing, millennials are shaking up what it means to spend the day at work. From intranet to work-from-home days to freelance gigs, pajamas are turning into the new power suit.

Movies. Millennials are killing the movie business.

Whether it’s their meager paychecks or their inability to detatch from the cellphones, millennials aren’t showing up to the movies as often as previous generations and ticket sales are dropping year over year.

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