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Mini zebu calf debuts at Prospect Park Zoo

Mini zebu calf debuts at Prospect Park Zoo
Prospect Park Zoo

A mini zebu calf is now part of the Wildlife Conservation Society’s Prospect Park Zoo.

The calf was born on June 21, but is now being incorporated into zoo life. Together with its zebu family, it will live among other domestic barn animals like goats, miniature horses, sheep and turkeys.

The calf is currently nursing, but as a grazing animal will move on to a diet consisting of mostly hay, according to the zoo. There is no word yet on the zebu’s name.

Zebus are one of the oldest breeds of cattle, dating as far back as 6,000 years and believed to have originated from southern India, according to the conservation society.

Although a small breed, zebu’s can weigh anywhere from 200 to 500 pounds and measure three to four feet in length.

Mini zebus are distinct with both male and females having small horns on top of their heads. They also vary in color with hues like red, grey, black or white.

Currently there are three mini zebus at the Prospect Park Zoo.