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Missing Molson Calgary

Molson Calgary beer. Not sold in Calgary.

Calgarian Darren Havelock is trying to change that with a www.mycalgarybeer.ca, a website designed to attract Molson’s Calgary Beer back to the city, though the suds haven’t been sold here for 20 years.

“I think it’s a part of our heritage, it’s a beer that was first brewed in Calgary, and I think people would love to have it back in the city,” Havelock said, adding he would like to see the beer here even for the upcoming Grey Cup.

The only problem is, he says, the beer is only sold in Saskatchewan.

“I have been trying to get Molson to see the market they are missing out on. But it’s frustrating because they just say it doesn’t make financial sense for them but that doesn’t make sense to me.”

Havelock said he will make the nine-hour trip to the province to pick up the beer he loves so much a few times a year, but he says he shouldn’t have to.

Molson spokesperson Adam Moffat says the company appreciates Havelock’s passion and enthusiasm for the beer, but it doesn’t make economical sense for them to bring the beer back to the city — not even for the Grey Cup. “We understand it’s about civic pride, but there are just too many challenges and it doesn’t make sense strategically. One person does not really make a market,” Moffat said.

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