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MIT student wins Jeopardy with ‘Who is the Spiciest Memelord?’

MIT senior Lily Chan's final jeopardy answer.

An MIT student is gaining buzz on the internet— but it’s not forwinning theCollege Championship Friday and taking home $100,000 — it’s for her Final Jeopardy answer.

Lilly Chan, a 21-year-old senior at theCambridge, Massachusetts school, went into Final Jeopardy on Friday night’s show well ahead of her two opponents.

The question “Astronomer who began his epitaph, ‘I used to measure the heavens, now I shall measure the shadows of Earth,” didn’t matter, so Chan wrote “Who is Spiciest Memelord?” — “a shout out” to her friends who enjoy memes.

“My goal for the entire tournament was really just to make it to the semifinals. Everything else was just icing on the cake,” Chin said in a statement,according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution. “I never expected to do so well and honestly, everything after that quarterfinal win just feels like a dream. After the competition, I actually had dreams where the ‘Jeopardy’ staff called me up and said there was a mistake and that I wasn’t the champion.”

Chan, a Decatur, Georgia resident, reportedly studies electrical engineering and computer science at MIT and plans on continuing her studies at MIT Stanford or Carnegie Mellon in robotics.She wants to use the bulk of her winnings to pay off her undergraduate degree.

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