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Mixed reactions to provincial election call

Nova Scotians were talking politics on the streets of Halifax yesterday after a provincial election was announced for June 9.

Barbara Webster voiced her opinion while waiting for her late morning bus on Barrington Street. Squished beside her on the bench, friends declined to comment, but Webster had words for the province’s politicians.

“I think it’s a good time for an election and I think it’s time for a change, I really do,” she said.

She thinks the three party leaders – Conservative Leader and Premier Rodney MacDonald, NDP Leader Darrell Dexter and Liberal Leader Stephen McNeil – should focus on the biggest issue right now – the economy.

“We’re in such an economic situation right now that I think, really, it’s going to be how Nova Scotia will benefit rather than such issues that are always on the table such as health care and education and fixing the potholes in the road,” she said.

Jean Lalancette turned his cab onto Barrington Street later that morning. His son turns 18 on June 18, just nine days after Nova Scotians will elect a new government.

“He’s all disappointed the elections are too early for him,” Lalancette said. “When we were listening to the radio this morning, he just went ‘Aah! Only nine days and I’d have been able to vote.’”

Lalancette said he’s happy he inspired his son to want to vote because he said young people are often apathetic about politics.

“I’ve done my job,” he said proudly.

Jeff MacDonald, while smoking in the sunshine outside Scotia Square Mall, admitted he’s an apathetic young person.

“I probably won’t even vote,” he said. “I’m a slacker. I don’t pay much attention to politics at all.”

He also said there are no major issues that would get him to the voting booth.

“I’m 24 and I have never voted in my life.”

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