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Mohzan Marno on life in Brooklyn and moving up ‘the Blacklist’

Brooklyn-based actress Mozhan Marno has been enjoying her second season going toe-to-toe with James Spader on “The Blacklist” as Samar Navabi, a Mossad agent from Iran. And this week, audiences learn a lot more about her story. We learned something, too: Don’t bug her while she’s doing laundry.

What can you say about what is revealed about your character in this episode?
You will definitely find out more about Samar’s past. Maybe some insight into how she became part of the Mossad, and also you will meet some people from her past.

What’s changed since joining the show?
This season they’re really beautifully expanding all of the supporting characters’ lives and backgrounds and places in the show. They’re really leaning on the ensemble this year, which I think is great — I mean, obviously I think it’s great. (laughs) But I think it really serves the show really well because there are a lot of different colors. Originally the way the show was structured was Red on one side, Liz on the other side. But once they left and went on the run together, it sort of necessitated shoring up the supporting cast because we’re the ones on the other end of that spectrum running after them.

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And as far as what you’re getting to do, how does last season compare to this season?
It’s great. There’s always the episodic aspect of the show and then the more serialized aspect of the show, and I think they balance that pretty well. Now, more of the supporting characters are getting some serialized storylines.

What has the vibe been like within that ensemble?
You know, we do pretty well. (laughs) It’s funny because depending on the storyline and the episode, you end up spending more time with certain people. For example, Harry Lennox I saw every time I worked last year, practically, and this year I haven’t seen him at all. We just cross paths in the makeup room now, but we never work together. This year I have spent an inordinate amount of time with a certain redhead, and you know, we have a good time. He’s a good friend. But the storyline dictates who you end up spending time with. And this past episode it was just me and James.

That’s not a bad way to work.
Not at all. (laughs) He’s extremely fun, and he was in rare form. He’s very funny.

Everyone says the more dramatic the show is, the goofier everyone is when the cameras aren’t rolling. Is that the case here?
Oh, for sure. I mean, there’s a lot of dudes. (laughs) They run the gamut from macho to goofy to neurotic. There’s every color of guy in this ensemble of dudes, and they’re pretty lovely. I like being the woman. There’s me and Megan, basically. I think we’re the only female series regulars, actually. There are plenty of other women on the show, but I think we’re the only two regulars. But again, I haven’t seen too much of her this season either, just because of the way the storylines have gone. But whatever, I love attention, so what can I say?

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When you’re out and about, are you getting recognized more for this or for “House of Cards”?
Now that I’m in the second season of “Blacklist,” it’s like an even split. Last year when I had just been introduced and I was still sort of a new character on “The Blacklist,” it was more “House of Cards,” for sure. It also depends where I am in the country. If it’s in New York and L.A., it’s a lot of “House of Cards.” But recently it’s been both. It’s great to have your work out there and appreciated, and then sometimes it’s like, I’m going to the laundromat and it’s annoying. (laughs) You look at them and they’re looking at you and they’re like, “What are you doing here? You’re on TV, why are you at the laundromat?” We’re all in the same boat here, buddy. It’s Brooklyn.

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