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Molly Sims won’t go anywhere without these healthy travel essentials

molly sims travel essentials

It’s summer vacation season once again. Every year you dream of floating off the plane after an easy ride, bright-eyed and looking completely refreshed — except it hasn’t happened yet. So what are the secrets of people who have this magical ability? Metro got Molly Sims to exclusively dish on some of her healthy travel essentials so you have steal a page from her book.

This actress slash model (slash humanitarian) slash mom has it down, and she was generous dishing up the advice. So make your checklist and get ready to glow the second your plane touches down just like you’ve always dreamed. And, yes, her advice for travel essentials applies to you, even if you have kids with you; especially if you have the kids, since this mom’s tips were all about family friendly travel.

Travel essentials Molly Sims always has on-hand

Healthy snacks

Skip the $12 bags of pretzels in the terminal and pack like Molly Sims instead. She told Metro that she’s always packing — snacks, that is. This mom of three doesn’t just have eats on hand for the kids, though. Her travel essentials include healthy snacks for herself, too. “Healthy snacks are what we are all about!,” she told Metro. “Top choices right now would have to be the Perfect Bars — those are such a great grab-n-go. Fruit is always a go-to treat, but recently my kids are loving the Yum Earth Organic Pops. And I’m always looking to try new brands of organic hummus.”

molly sims travel essentials the perfect bar

If you’re wondering about airport security, yes, you can pack hummus in your carry-on as long as the container is less than 3 ounces just like any other paste or liquid. Pair tiny tubs of it with a huge bag of fresh cut veggies and you’re well on your way to avoiding that travelers tummy so many people experience after they fly.

But that doesn’t mean you’re not going to drop any dough throughout your day of traveling. To make sure the money she spends works double duty, Molly Sims also always packs her World of Hyatt Credit Card “because I rack up points with my workouts, meals and fitness.” She gets points for money she spends while traveling, from the airport terminal to her final destination, (in addition to the points she racks up daily at home).


This doesn’t need much explaining if you have kids of your own, but Molly Sims told Metro she doesn’t travel without them. You might want to consider adding a couple different types of wipes to your list of travel essentials, too, especially since a study found that the trays on airplanes are some of the dirtiest surfaces as they rarely get a wipe-down.

So stock up on those sanitary wipes for when you need to whip out the tray to enjoy a meal or fill out that Sudoku puzzle. Makeup wipes also come in handy to get the grime (and stubborn makeup, of course) off your face before putting another one of Molly Sims’ great tips to use.


Although she shared that she doesn’t travel without her Biologique Recherche Lotion P50 PIGM 400 specifically, “because momma loves her skincare regimen,” that’s not the extent of the pampering this model-mom treats herself to in the air. “I’m at that point where I’m not afraid to throw on a face mask on a plane, put some under eye patches underneath, and give myself a break,” she shared. “That helps with the jet lag because you get off the flight feeling refreshed.  It also fights that dry after-flight skin.” Want to glow once the wheels touch down on the runway? Here’s how you do it. (And maybe take a nap while those masks work their magic.)

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