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Mom locks up meth addict son in steel cage

An mother in Australia has gone to a very dark and desperate place with the decision to lock her meth addict son in a jail she had installed in her home.

“He was crying in bed, and screaming for help. He said ‘Mum, Mum, you have to lock the cage, you have to lock the door,” the woman told Australian news show A Current Affair.

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And so she did.

The cage, which is installed within her home reportedly cost $3,000 and includes reinforced steel, barred windows, and spring loaded locks.

The cage, which looks rather comfortable as far as cages go, was the last-ditch effort by the mother to control her son’s meth rages. One incident reportedly involved her son trying to attack his brother with a pitchfork.

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“Until you see ice rage first hand, you’ve got no idea what you’re dealing with. You’re dealing with a monster.”

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