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Mom looks for home-based work

Q: Hi Jill, I have just quit my job to be at home with my baby daughter. I am looking at the possibility of working from home. I don’t want to start a home-based business but am looking for a job that I can actually do from home. Do jobs like that exist? Where do I start? Can you refer to me some good resources that I can use? Many thanks!

—Sarah Ahmad

A: Sarah, you’ve definitely got options. Before we begin just make sure that any work-from-home business you join is still a registered company, with public records. Virtual companies without any physical offices are on the rise and can be trusted, but they must still adhere to legal business standards and operations. There are too many scams out there so you’ve got to thoroughly investigate companies. This means more than looking at websites. Obtain references from past or current employees. I’ve provided a list of sites that will certainly get you started.

As with any job seeker, regardless of whether you are working from home or in an office, you’ll want to take an inventory of your skills and match it to a career you feel you’ll excel at.

Q: Hi Jill, I enjoy reading your column in Metro and was hoping you could shed some light on a very confusing subject for me — professional resumé writing services. I’m in the middle of switching careers and need a serious resumé upgrade as mine was recently referred to as “something a high school student would write.” Can you give me an idea of what they provide, as well as some recommendations to some good ones? —Amanda Barber

A: Professional resumé services can make or break the impression your resumé makes. I would seek a recommendation from a friend or colleague who has found success with a particular agency. Every company will look fabulous on the Internet, but word of mouth is always the best testimonial. A professional resumé writing agency will likely offer you a complimentary consultation to learn about your career ambitions. You must ensure that the particular agency you’ve selected has expertise in the area you actually want to work in. For instance if you are interested in fashion, it might not be necessary to go to an agency specializing in executive MBA positions. They must use key words in your resumé, which means they must be abreast with the industry terms that will impress hiring managers. You’ve got your work cut out for you. Hop on line and do your price comparison shopping. Some agencies will also offer job training and interview coaching services.

There are definitely a few agencies I’ve heard good things about. These would include www.Resumesolutions.ca, www.ResumeWorldInc.com, and www.Bizworld.ca. Also, www.resumes2work.comis a great site that helps dispel resumé myths and gives you tips on creating the right resumé for our growing paperless workforce.

Jill Andrew — CYW, BA, BA (Hons.), BEd. Please include your full name, address and telephone number when e-mailing. All letters are subject to publication.


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