Mom sues York Ave. preschool for ruining kid’s Ivy League chances – Metro US

Mom sues York Ave. preschool for ruining kid’s Ivy League chances

In Metro’s opinion, it’s never too early to start filling your child with a debilitating pressure to succeed. Which is why we salute one Nicole Imprescia, the heroic Manhattan mother suing her daughter’s former preschool for slowing down the four-year-old girl’s fast track to the top.*

According to the New York Post, Imprescia’s issues with York Avenue Preschool began when her daughter was forced to spend too much time slumming with intellectually inferior two- and three-year-olds, her personal growth hampered by their mundane inanities:

The suit, filed in Manhattan Supreme Court, notes that “getting a child into the Ivy League starts in nursery school” and says the Upper East Side school promised Imprescia it would “prepare her daughter for the ERB, an exam required for admission into nearly all the elite private elementary schools.”

But “it became obvious [those] promises were a complete fraud,” the suit says. “Indeed, the school proved not to be a school at all but just one big playroom.”

Imprescia withdrew her daughter from the school after three weeks, only to find that the $19,000-a-year tuition was nonrefundable; she is suing to get the money back.

The lawsuit also points out that data exists that shows “entry into a good nursery school guarantees more income than entry into an average school.” This woman’s got it figured out: Life is a rat race, and the only way to beat the other rats is to start running as soon as you are physically able to! (Or even before! Quick, parents: What prenatal classes will get your kid into Princeton?) (via the New York Post)

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