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Moms make public plea

As detectives continue to wade through surveillance tape for any clue into the shooting deaths of two young men, their mothers took it upon themselves yesterday to drive the investigation.

Feeling “powerless” nine days after their sons were gunned down in a seemingly unprovoked attack, Karen Ellis and Susan Martin decided to speak publicly for the first time.

They stood before a police podium at Toronto’s police headquarters just days after the funerals of Dylan Ellis and Oliver Martin, both 25, to appeal for information.

Their voices quavering, their families clutching one another just inches behind them, the women asked the public to come forward with anything that might help put a murderer, still on the loose, behind bars.

“Somewhere out there on the streets of Toronto the person who did this is still around, still capable of more violence,” Ellis said.

“They need to be found if this city is going to keep breathing. They killed our children. They can kill your children. They’re out there.”