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Montreal offers surprising thrill of river rapids

Montreal … a city of culture, jazz, history, and … bone chilling rapids!

When you’re not enjoying all that cultural and history, high adventure is only as far away as the port of old Montreal on the St. Laurence River.

Forget white water rafting, high-speed jet boating on the Lachine Rapids is one of the fastest, bumpiest, wettest, wildest rides you’ll ever experience. Imagine hitting a 20 foot high wall of water, coming up for a few seconds of air and then doing it all over again … and again!

Saute Moutons tours offers a one hour thrill ride that will leave your heart in your throat, while your trying not to swallow gallons of river water. When it comes to riding the rapids, I’d rate this experience a ten!

The moment you hit those Lachine rapids, it really does feel like boat’s about to capsize, even though a safety bar ensures than can’t happen. Yes, you’ll get soaked to the bone, but it’s a lot more exciting than your typical amusement park roller-coaster. Thankfully, the $65 fee includes the rental of a full head to toe wet suit, and believe me, it comes in handy.

The adventure is billed as a scenic city tour, but you soon forget about the pretty buildings, when those rapids hit. To be honest, I didn’t see a lot during the rapids part of the tour. Too busy trying to get the water out of eyes, ears, and mouth. My kind of fun!

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