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Monumental undertaking

If you were to stand on a full-size version of Marlene Hilton Moore’s monument to the Canadian Navy, you would get a sensation of what it would be like “to have a career in the navy.”

The monument, which features “three bronze sculptures on a dynamic vessel-like form and a rolling landscape- like a ship on the crest of the wave,” shows the danger, the drama and the beauty that is life in the navy,” the artist said.

Moore’s design with her team was one of five on display at an event last night to let the public view the finalists for the National Capital Commission’s Canadian Navy Monument Project.

The national competition for the monument — which commemorates the 100th anniversary of the Canadian Navy in 2010 — was launched in February, said Sylvie Tilden, senior manager, commemorations and public art for the NCC.

The five finalists were chosen from 49 proposals. On Friday, the jury will deliberate and choose the winning design.

Work on the monument will begin next summer, and the monument is scheduled to be completed in May 2011.

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