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More than 100 weapons seized in massive smuggling bust

The Canada Border Services Agency made its largest weapons seizure in the Ottawa region in recent history after a California man was charged with attempting to smuggle a collection of weapons into the capital last week.

Yesterday, the CBSA unveiled over 100 controlled weapons, including nunchucks, concealed knives, butterfly knives, foot stompers, and throwing stars found concealed in a container of personal effects last week. Firearms included an AP-9 semi-automatic handgun, an A-15 semi-automatic assault rifle, a .380-calibre handgun and a .380-calibre replica western revolver.

On May 11, CBSA officers uncovered a collection of prohibited weapons in a personal effects shipment after a man, who was in the process of moving to Canada, allegedly said he had two pellet guns and a mounted display handgun in a case. The CBSA had to ensure the handgun was decommissioned, said Chris Kealey with the CBSA.

“As a result of that, we went out to the warehouse and did a search of the containers.”

Some of the firearms were concealed, said Kealey. “One was inside a futon mattress, another was inside a clock and another one in the shelving unit of a bookcase.”

The OPP and the Ottawa police guns and gangs unit assisted with the identification of the weapons.

While the CBSA believes the weapons were part of a personal collection, “they are illegal to possess,” Kealey said.

The CBSA would be concerned that should these weapons be stolen from the owner and end up on the street, they may end up in the wrong hands and be used in a crime.

“The good news is that won’t happen,” Kealey said. “We have prevented (these) weapons from entering the community in some fashion.”

A 42-year-old man is charged with failing to report goods, making false statements and smuggling under the Customs Act. He is also charged with violations regarding the importation of controlled weapons. Robert Frost appears in court here today.

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