Mortgage Rates Today, Friday, Oct. 14: Steady to Lower - Metro US

Mortgage Rates Today, Friday, Oct. 14: Steady to Lower


Thirty-year fixed mortgage rates were unchanged, while 15-year fixed and 5/1 ARM rateswere lower Friday, according to a NerdWallet survey of mortgage rates published by national lenders this morning.

Rates on 30-year mortgages have held firm for three days, but 15-year fixed loans took a solid turn lower today. Adjustable rate loans have also taken a break over the past couple of days from their steady climb.

Mortgage Rates Today,
Friday, Oct. 14

(Change from 10/13)
30-year fixed: 3.71% APR (NC)
15-year fixed: 3.08% APR (-0.03)
5/1 ARM: 3.61% APR (-0.01)

Homeownership rates still sinking, but millennials may launch turnaround

The national homeownership rate has declined for more than a decade, but a demographic powerhouse may be the catalyst to reverse that course — Gen Y. In an analysis released this week, Sean Becketti, chief economist for Freddie Mac, said the forecasts for homeownership rates to sink below 60% may be too pessimistic.

It’s likely that millennials will soon marry, start families and buy homes at a faster pace than previous generations, Becketti said. And as America becomes a “majority minority” country, income and education gaps may narrow or be eliminated, feeding additional housing growth, he added.

“And as these types of potential homebuyers comprise a larger and larger share of the population, it will become increasingly expensive to overlook them. Profit-oriented financial institutions will be motivated to find better ways to serve them,” Becketti concluded.

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NerdWallet daily mortgage rates are an average of the published APR with the lowest points for each loan term offeredby a sampling of major national lenders. Annual percentage rate quotes reflect an interest rate plus points, fees and other expenses, providingthe most accurate view of the costsa borrower might pay.

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