Most Americans, even Republicans, disagree with Trump's Muslim ban: Poll - Metro US

Most Americans, even Republicans, disagree with Trump’s Muslim ban: Poll

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Most Americans reject Donald Trump’s position on Muslim immigration, according to a new poll.

The Quinnipiac University survey was conducted between Dec. 16 and 20 and included 1,140 registered voters nationwide via landlines and cell phones.

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66 percent of Americans opposed “banning people who are Muslim from entering the U.S.,” with an overwhelming majority of Democrats, 79 percent, opposed tothe ban. A sizable majority of independents, too, opposed the notion, 67 to 22 percent.

Even mostRepublicansopposed the idea,51 to 41 percent.

Most Americans, or 55 percent, agreed with the statement that Islam is a “peaceful religion” as well.

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The results stand athwart ideas espoused by GOP presidential primary front-runner Donald Trump, who proposedbanning all Muslims from entering the U.S. earlier in December. “We have no choice but to do this,” Trump told ABC News at the time. “We have people that want to blow up our buildings, our cities.”

“I think it is a terrible proposal, just terrible,” legal scholar Eric Posner told MSNBC. “I don’t think it would enhance security; I think it violates important values – political values and moral values – and I think it harms our relations with Muslim countries. It’s just a terrible idea.”

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