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Most men think they do this more than women, women everywhere laugh

Men Grocery shopping

File this under funniest thing you’ll read all day (at least if you’re a lady): A new survey conducted by the fellas at Men’s Health found that 84 percent of men consider themselves the primary grocery shoppers in their household. This is up nearly 20 percent from 10 years ago. Let the chuckles commence…

Onto the survey. For the data collection, only men were answering the questionnaire. Indeed, that creates a bias, but the folks at Men’s Health are still convinced the findings are legit. The results “challenge many gender stereotypes related to food shopping and cooking,” said Chris Peel, publisher of Men’s Health. Peel continues: “Men have an active role in each stage of the food purchasing process — before getting to the store, while there and when cooking the food they’ve bought.” According to the results of the survey, when men are at the helm of their grocery shopping, they often buy many items in one fell swoop and shop solo.

To really rub in just how fabulous men are at this common household chore, the survey also revealed that 93 percent of men had prepared themselves a meal in the past year. Did they mean 9.3 percent? Perhaps somebody ought to follow up on that and poll women on how many dudes have actually made dinner once in the past year. Yeah.

We’re still laughing, but it’s also worth noting that in other surveys that poll both males and females, the gap between men and women is closing, though women still are the ones rolling the cart in most cases. For instance, Today’s Primary Shopper found that two-thirds of women still handle most of the shopping. That certainly sounds a bit more like it. Now, we’re off to pass our boyfriends and hubbies a grocery shopping list to research what happens next…

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