Most New Yorkers happy, but crime and job security remain top concerns

Most New Yorkers say that the city is still an enviable place to live, but not everything is all that bright and shiny.

A new report from the Municipal Art Society revealed Thursday that New Yorkers think safety and the cost of living are the two toughest things about living in The Big Apple.

The survey was part of the Municipal Art Society Summit for New York City, which consisted of two days of panels and discussions brainstorming how to make the five boroughs more livable.

An overwhelming majority of New Yorkers — 84 percent — said that life in New York is generally good.

But about one in five expressed concern about employment and safety, along with what the survey calls “that perennial source of anxiety” — housing.

Not surprisingly, people making more money were more content with life in the city: Respondents who made more than $75,000 found New York to be kinder.

Also, people in Manhattan and Brooklyn were happier, according to the survey.

But not everything was a complaint.

Nearly all New Yorkers said they were happy with their public transportation options — 94 percent said they could easily hop on a train or bus.

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