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Motion in works for airport tunnel

While the airport tunnel issue dominated much of the mayoral race, it appears it will continue to be at the forefront of council.

Ald. Jim Stevenson confirmed yesterday he and mayor-elect Naheed Nenshi are working on a motion to present at the new council’s first meeting.

“The plan is that Naheed and myself and the city administration will be sitting down within the next few days to figure out exactly what all has to be covered in that motion,” said Stevenson.

“It’s exciting for me because (Nenshi) recognizes the time-sensitivity of this.”

Stevenson said the purpose of the motion will be to get funds in place for the tunnel. “Basically we want to bring the $123 million forward that is presently allocated to innovation. We need to bring that forward to put it with the $50 million we already have.”

For Grant Galpin, spokesperson for the Airport Trail Access Committee, the news of a motion coming forward is exciting. “That’s huge, it’s certainly a welcome sight,” he said, adding the tunnel was not a priority for the previous council.

“That would be our hope that the city would prioritize the funds to put the basic phase in place.”

Newly-elected Ward 12 alderman Shane Keating said he will have some questions to ask.

Keating said he is in favour of the tunnel but would like to re-evaluate the cost. “I would support it but I would highly suggest that we re-open the plan and look at some ways of making it vastly more economical,” said Keating.

Council’s first meeting is Nov. 8.

Stelmach,?Nenshi talk tunnel

Calgary’s mayor-elect Nenshi and Alberta Premier Ed Stelmach met Thursday morning, and the subject of the airport tunnel arose.

Nenshi told reporters afterwards that he felt the premier was receptive to finding a way to partner on the tunnel “He absolutely did not close the door on that project,” Nenshi said.

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