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Motor gifts for moms

Some years after changing your diapers, packing your lunch for school and hauling you to hockey practice, your mom probably helped to teach you how to drive. If you’ve ever made fun of her driving, she’ll likely remind you of it without hesitation.

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, why not consider scrapping the usual generic presents in place of something cool for her car? Whether new or old, your mother’s ride could probably do with some accessorizing, cleaning or dressing up to make it more enjoyable. After all, doesn’t she deserve it? Here are some ideas:

• Pick up some drive-thru car wash tickets from your local gas station to help Mom keep her ride clean. Most of these don’t expire for several months, so she can keep them tucked in her sun visor for a while. They’ll run you between about $6 and $9.

• Now that you’ve outgrown flinging Cheerios, crayons and fries around the cabin of Mom’s car, wouldn’t a good interior cleaning be appropriate? In addition to increasing enjoyment and looks, a spotless cockpit packs that extra sentimental value that comes with a hand-made gift.

Break out the vacuum, some vinyl cleaner, Windex and a few rags, and you’ll have the interior looking factory-fresh in no time. Leave mom at the spa while giving her car a spa treatment for maximum effect.

• Of course, many Moms have the “clean and tidy”thing under control. If that’s the case, why not consider buying yours a sense of direction! The market is packed full of navigation systems that can be fitted to any vehicle. Priced from under $200 to more than $600, you’ll be able to find mom a system that’s perfect for her needs and your budget. Most users find aftermarket navigation systems easy to learn and install, and many come with a memory to store common destinations on board.

• Is your mom an iPod fanatic? Is her car missing an input jack for the stereo? If so, musical mediocrity at the wheel can become a thing of the past. Even if Mom’s ride doesn’t have a CD player, she can still enjoy her MP3s on the go with a cassette player adapter or FM transmitter.

• To keep Mom on the go in style, be sure to consider some dealer-installed accessories for her chariot. Even relatively minor and inexpensive visual upgrades like a bug-deflector, exhaust tips and chrome grille accents can make a big punch in the looks department that she’s sure to appreciate. If the budget allows, some upgraded rims and a spoiler will help dress up her rig even more.

Use this gift to compensate for any dents, scratches or other damaged caused by your early years of driving.

Remember: your Mom’s car is probably like a little home away from home. Give it some TLC, and you’ll go up a few notches in her good books.

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