‘Motorcycle use goes up every year’ – Metro US

‘Motorcycle use goes up every year’

With the summer fast approaching police are revving up their efforts as part of the motorcycle enforcement season to battle two-wheeled infractions.

Everything from stunting, to not wearing helmets and even noise pollution were things Sgt. Regan James of the Traffic Section, said were issues the police had to step up and enforce strongly.

James said even with the campaign, the understaffed police are having trouble battling the problem with an ever increasing amount of motorcycles on the road.

“You’ll never see a decline in the problem because motorcycle use goes up every year but not more police,” he said.

“The only way it’ll get better is if the motorcyclists (and motorists) pay attention.”

James also stressed that police want to make sure the cyclists are safe on the road and another part of the campaign was to make drivers more aware of the motorcyclists that share the road.

“There is no easy situation (because) it’s more about awareness,” he said.

“You’re in your car
to drive, not eat your lunch.”

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