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Motorcyclists roaring over noise bylaw

Some motorcyclists are revved up with anger after city council voted in favour of a bylaw this week that makes it illegal to ride a bike that’s louder than 96 decibels.

Council voted in favour of the bylaw Wednesday night that will soon see noisy motorcyclists facing a $250 fine for each offence.

Ray Rozon, a service manger at Harley Davidson Motorcycles of Edmonton, says city council is “segregating motorcyclists” since loud noises don’t always come from motorcycles.

“I am not going to change how I ride my bike,” said Rozon, who has been an avid motorcyclist for 38 years.

“If (the police) are going to give me a ticket over this, I will just have to fight it … I’ve told others to fight it.

“This is totally unfair with what the city is doing here. ”

Dave Thiele was the only councillor who voted against the plan because, he says, the bylaw discriminates against motorcyclists, but police say it doesn’t have the equipment to test the other vehicles.

Edmonton’s police service has reportedly purchased eight sound meters to enforce the bylaw.

City cops are expected to begin cracking down on noisy motorcyclists along Whyte Avenue, Groat Road, and Jasper Avenue sometime next month.

Kris Gorda, a service adviser with Harley Davidson Motorcycles of Edmonton, said cyclists in Edmonton must now consider to keep their machines stocked, or purchasing accessories that muzzles noise.

“You also shouldn’t act like an idiot on your bike,” said Gorda. “Like trying to rev up your engines along Whyte Avenue, or cruising through the suburbs where it’s usually supposed to be quiet.”

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