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Motorola faces lawsuit ­after firing finance chief

A lawsuit filed by the chief financial officer of Motorola Inc. after he was fired following a presentation provides a rare peek into dysfunctional relationships at the top of a major company.

Motorola claims it fired the CFO “for cause” — a term usually reserved for suspected embezzlers — while the former CFO says he was canned for blowing the whistle on problems.

The case represents more trouble for the cellphone maker, which has been struggling with billion-dollar losses and ­laying off thousands of workers.

Paul Liska, 53, fired a broadside at the company’s ailing cellphone division at a subcommittee meeting Jan. 28.

But the hornets that flew out from that nest went for him, not his intended target — the head of Motorola’s cellphone division, Sanjay Jha, a rising star of the wireless world recruited by Motorola last August to head Mobile Devices and make it an independent company, according to public records accompanying the lawsuit.

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