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Movie Review: Kung Fu Panda 2

Kung Fu Panda 2

  • Genre: Animation
  • Director: Jennifer Yuh Nelson
  • Stars: Jack Black, Angelina Jolie, Gary Oldman
  • ***1/2

There’s no reason for movies about nauseatingly cute CGI animals battling in kung fu to be as entertaining as the Kung Fu Panda series, but Dreamworks Animation has stumbled onto a magic formula that’s now produced a sequel on par with the original.

Kung Fu Panda 2 returns to Jack Black’s big bellied panda, who must now use the skills he acquired in the first film to take on a devious peacock (Gary Oldman) who plans to take over China and destroy kung fu, while also trying to find his real parents.

The balance between thrills, humour, and heart feels even more effective in Jennifer Yuh Nelson’s sequel, but don’t expect the depth of a Pixar movie. The Kung Fu Panda series is more about giddy entertainment.