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Movie Review: You Are Here

You are Here

Genre: Drama

Director: Daniel Cockburn

Stars: Tracy Wright, Shannon Beckner, Richard Clarkin


Toronto video artist Daniel Cockburn transitions into feature filmmaking with a movie designed to tease his audience’s brain with a stream of quandaries, quirks, and ideas. There isn’t much of a plot, but Cockburn describes his film as a meta detective story and that’s close enough. Tracey Wright stars (in her final role) as an information archivist who inexplicably collects and obsessively archives lost documents. Other characters have similarly bizarre storylines and all of them are stuck in some sort of existential crisis. It’s an equally confounding and intriguing movie designed more to provoke debate than provide any sort of concise or meaning or closure. For anyone anxious to have their brain wrung out like a sponge, it’s a must see.

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