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Movies leaving Netflix on July 1

“Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home” and “From Russia With Love” will both be gone from Netflix at the end of June.
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This month will be a sci-fi bloodbath on Netflix.

The streaming service is dropping “Gattaca,” “Spaceballs,” “The Terminator” and “Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home” (though we might be safe from invasion with humpback whale populations rebounding). Other casualties include the Rocky movies and several James Bond films.

Here is the complete list of movies being dropped from Netflix at the end of June:

10 Questions For The Dalai Lama
James Bond: For Your Eyes Only
James Bond: From Russia With Love
James Bond: Live And Let Die
James Bond: Goldfinger
James Bond: A View To A Kill
James Bond: Never Say Never Again
James Bond: The Living Daylights
Rocky I
Rocky II
Rocky III
Rocky IV
Rocky V
The Running Man (1987)
The Terminator
Tokyo Godfathers
Taxi Driver
Future By Design
Freedom Writers
Close Encounters Of The Third Kind
Call Northside 777
Bang The Drum Slowly
A Borrowed Life
After Fall, Winter
Spirit Of The Marathon
Angel Heart
As Good As It Gets
Bad Company
Beavis And Butt-head Do America
Captain Kronos: Vampire Hunter
Cotton Comes To Harlem
Death Wish 3
Death Wish 4
Doctor Strangelove
Event Horizon
Evil Dead II
Fist Of The North Star (live action)
Girl Interrupted
Killing Zoe
Lars And The Real Girl
Last Holiday
Less Than Zero
Look Who’s Talking
Look Who’s Talking Now
Look Who’s Talking Too
Naked Ambition: An R-Rated Look At An X-Rated
The Night Of The Living Dead (1990)
Nick Of Time
No Way Home
Only The Strong
Party Monster
Point Blank
Poolhall Junkies
Howard Stern’s Private Parts
Resident Evil
Robinson Crusoe On Mars
Rodger Dodger
Some Time, Next Year
Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home
Comic Book Villains
Stuart Saves His Family
Tentacles (1977)
Desert Fox
The Little Prince
The Dust Factory
The Odd Couple (1968)
The Rat Race
Palo Alto

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