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MTA proposes four new fare hike options, including $125 MetroCard

Commuters can likely expect an MTA fare hike in the coming future, but the question is: how much?

The MTA unveiled four proposals for new fare hikes this morning. They range from increasing the base MetroCard fare 25 cents to $2.50, to a steeper spike of raising the cost of a monthly MetroCard to $125.

Officials said today the MTA must generate $450 million in 2013.

If the MTA moves forward with increasing a monthly MetroCard to $125, the base fare would remain $2.25, but an unlimited weekly card would jump by $5 to $34.

Another proposal keeps the base fare at $2.25, but raises the monthly Metro card to $119 and the weekly to $32. In addition, the bonus value with a purchase of $10 or more would be eliminated.

One proposal only raises the monthly MetroCard cost to $109, but raises the base fare to $2.50. The bonus value with a purchase of $10 would also be eliminated.

A final proposal raises the base fare to $2.50 and the monthly MetroCard to $112. A weekly unlimited pass would increase $1 to $30.

Public hearings on the proposals are scheduled in November. The MTA will vote on its budget on Dec. 19

“We’ll consider changes to our proposals based on what we hear and read,” MTA chairman Ray Lhota said today.

As Metro reported, the MTA fare hike proposals represent one of several price increases New Yorkers have seen in recent years on everyday purchases. A tall cup of coffee at Starbucks jumped from $1.91 to $2.01 earlier this year, while the average price of rent is $3,461 compared to $2,544 ten years ago.

(Table via MTA)

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