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MTA?service cuts disproportionate

When the MTA’s service cuts go into effect June 27, riders in some neighborhoods will feel it more than others.

Bay Ridge, for example, will see 10 buses with shortened schedules, rerouted or shut down entirely. Particularly painful will be the elimination of the X37 and X38, which many Bay Ridge residents rely on to get to work every day.

“I’m screwed,” said Dan Floros, a 32-year-old Bay Ridge resident who takes the X38 to his job in Midtown. “I broke my foot, I can’t take the subway. Instead of an hour and 10-minute commute, my commute will now be two hours.”

In Park Slope, the bus system is being entirely rerouted. Riders can say goodbye to the B71, which takes riders to the Brooklyn Museum, Prospect Park and Brooklyn Botanical Garden. The B75 and B77 will be wiped out, forcing riders to squeeze onto the B61.

In Wakefield, at the tip of the Bronx, the already crowded Bx41 will be combined with the Bx39.

“The Bx41 is packed to the gills on a daily basis,” said Israel Rivera, secretary treasurer of the TWU Local 100. “These are the porters, the caretakers and the nurses. They’re not quick to write a letter and complain to the MTA.”

And riders in Fresh Meadows, Queens, are losing Saturday service on the Q76 and Q31, overnight service on the Q30 and will see the Q75 cut entirely.

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