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Mumford and Sons not into Tidal

Mumford and Sons not into Tidal
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Marcus Mumford and his band of Sons weren’t invited to be part of Jay-Z’s big fancy Tidal streaming music party with Madonna and Rihanna — which they totally don’t care about, OK? God. “We wouldn’t have joined it anyway, even if they had asked. We don’t want to be tribal,” Mumford tells the Daily Beast. “What I’m not into is the tribalistic aspect of it — people trying to corner bits of the market and put their face on it. That’s just commercial bulls—.” So there, Jay-Z. No neo-folk for you.

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And guitarist Winston Marshall decided to put an even finer point upon it, even dragging Taylor Swift into the mix.”New school f—ing plutocrats,” he says, describing the group of successful recording artists they’d rather not associate with.”We don’t want to be part of some Tidal ‘streaming revolution’ nor do we want to be Taylor Swift and be antiit. I don’t understand her argument, either. The focus is slightly missed. Music is changing. It’s f—ing changing.” While I’m always a big fan of emphasis by way of repetition with profanity thrown in, I worry Marshall is mixing things up. Swift was against Spotify, not Tidal. In fact, she’s letting Tidal host all her albums except her most recent, “1989.” Still, they seem passionate, at least.

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