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Munroe to review HRM’s procurement procedures

Not to be outdone by the province, HRM’s auditor general is going to investigate the municipality’s procurement policies.

The AG’s office posted a 2010-11 work plan on its website?Thursday. One of the items suggests the procurement system the city uses to employ contractors and other services needs to be reviewed.

In his report, AG Larry Munroe said his office received several complaints regarding procurement.

“Anecdotal evidence suggests the system may not be operating in a manner which contains the level of independence required to ensure the highest value for money and fairness to all vendors.”

Mayor Peter Kelly said council received compl­aints and forwarded them to Munroe. “We did have complaints in terms of the approach taken and the evaluation criteria,” said Kelly. He added that council will support Munroe with whatever he needs to make sure the procure­ment process is unencumbered and transparent

“I’d like to see it reviewed,” said Dartmouth Centre Coun. Gloria McCluskey.

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