Murder probe progressing – Metro US

Murder probe progressing

There may not be a motive or a murderer, but the investigation is inching forward, and with each passing hour, witness interview and scans of video from surveillance cameras, detectives feel they are closer to solving the shocking case.

It’s been four days since an unidentified gunman opened fire on Dylan Ellis and Oliver Martin, both 25, killing each young man with a bullet to the chest in a seemingly unprovoked attack on Richmond Street West, near Trinity Bellwoods Park.

But, slowly, methodically, detectives are moving it forward.

“We have been speculating and ruling certain things out,” homicide Det. Stacy Gallant said. “And that leaves other avenues open.”

Tight-lipped about what those avenues may be, Gallant said a solid understanding of the crime’s mechanics is guiding the search for answers. They are also examining hours of video surveillance collected from cameras positioned all over the block where Ellis and Martin were gunned down.

Tinted windows in the back seat saved Martin’s girlfriend from injury, police said, but not from psychological trauma.

The young woman, said to fear for her life, is staying at her parents’ home. Police would not confirm or deny whether they are keeping watch over this key witness.

“She’s not in any danger, in my opinion,” said Det. Sgt. Gary Giroux.