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Must-have winter beauty trends

Beauty Trends
Check out what's trending in hair, makeup and nails.

Winter officially kicks off this weekend. Translation: New beauty trends are upon us. Here to give you the rundown of what’s trending this season is beauty blogger Angela Peters of Hairspray & Highheels. Read on for some of winter’s hottest looks in hair, makeup and nails.

Hair: Polished looks and bizarre coloring

<p>Intentional grey locks are trending this winter.</p>
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<p>Intentional grey locks are trending this winter.</p>
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<p>It looks like the tousled, messy hair of summer is officially behind us. Taking its place is a sleeker, more refined look that in some ways represents a return to basics.</p>
<p>“Everything is much more polished,” says Peters. “Braids are really in, but they’re tight – not the messy waterfall braids.”</p>
<p>Subtle teasing is also guiding winter hairstyles. (Yes, teasing.) But rest easy: The ‘80s aren’t making a comeback anytime soon. Instead, think high volume at the crown of the head, paired with super-straight hair.</p>
<p>“It’s really about a lot of crown teasing so you’re getting that lift,” says Peters, who describes the trend as a throwback to the ‘60s.</p>
<p>As for color, perhaps the most eye-grabbing trend women are sporting this season is intentional grey. Everyone from Rihanna to Kelly Osbourne has gotten in on the silver locks.</p>
<p><b>Nails: Almond shaping and winter hues</b></p>
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Almond Nails|<image-caption></p>
<p>Expect to see more almond-shaped nails.</p>
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<p>Expect to see more almond-shaped nails.</p>
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<p>Stars like Iggy Azalea and Rita Ora are really leading the charge when it comes to nail shaping. The truth is that longer, almond-shaped nails are rapidly replacing the shorter, straight-filed look. Mountain peak nails (aka stiletto nails) are also sweeping salons. The look is exactly what the name implies: Angular, pointy nails.</p>
<p>“Instead of a play on colors, the season is really going to be about nail shaping,” says Peters. “The almond shaping and mountain peak nails we’re seeing really play toward that.”</p>
<p>When it comes to nail polish, don’t expect to see any major departures from last winter – lots of dark purples, emerald greens, and deep, ruby reds.</p>
<p><b>Makeup: Nude lips and played-up eyes</b></p>
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Neutral Lips|<image-caption></p>
<p>Neutral, almost-nude lips are trending hard this winter.</p>
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<p>Neutral, almost-nude lips are trending hard this winter.</p>
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<p>Winter makeup this year is surprisingly subdued, which is a fresh change from the neon lips and graphic eyeliner we saw last season. The trend is playing out in barely-there blush and understated lipstick.</p>
<p>“<a href=Kylie Jenner was actually kind of ahead of the trend with the shade she’s been wearing,” says Peters, who’s referring to the matte, almost-nude lip shade Jenner has been rocking in full force lately.

Both on the runway and off, Peters says that bright red lipstick isn’t trending this season. In addition to neutral tones, we’ll also be seeing deeper reds that are more earthy and brown. Eye makeup is the only area that isn’t being played down this winter. Instead, heavy-handed application reigns supreme.

“Shadows are very smoked out, bold and thick with dark liner,” says Peters. “Also, mascara on both the upper and lower lashes is coming back – kind of a doe-eyed ‘60s look.”

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