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‘My Dealer Is Not A Square’ uses 1200 cubes to create pixelated portrait

The art of the portrait has got a whole lot more com- plex with this work by An- drew Myers. The Laguna Beach, California-based artist suspended 1,200 hand-painted acrylic cubes together, which from a distance look like a ‘pix- elated’ portrait of a man in glasses. The artwork is entitled “My Dealer Is Not A Square”.

What led you to create this piece?

In my pursuit to always create unique art, I realizedthat what is special about the screw pieces, is how one screw by itself is irrelevant, but combining thousands
of them to create one image is what makes those pieces special. In this same manner I stared thinking about a single pixel.

<p>Artist Andrew Myers, creator of</p>
<p>“My Dealer Is Not A Square”</p>

What is the process behind creating your artwork?

My team and I started by ordering thousands of cubes to figure out how this wouldcome together. There wasa lot of research on the hanging system and what kind of stainless steel rods to use. Once we did the math, we were quite surprised to realize we would be using over 800 yards [731 metres] of stainless steel wire. Once we got all the materials, we created a series of jigs to organize each step of the process and make sure there would be no surprises. Once the cubes had been drilled,the rods cut to length and the steel hanging system designed we proceeded to hand mix and match 1,200 individual colors that would then be applied to each cube.

What was the biggest challenge in this monumental artwork?

To get from concept to a finished piece. There was a lot of thinking, drawing and talk to figure out the bestway to execute this style. It was quite a stressful project as we knew that it would work in theory but wouldn’t know how well until it was completely put together.

Who is the man in this piece?

Lawrence Cantor, he is our art dealer. The piece is titled “My Dealer Is Not A Square”.

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