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NASA’s Cassini spacecraft on crash course to Saturn

Saturn and its icy rings as captured by NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory's Cassini.
NASA/JPL-Caltech/Space Science Institute

While you were working…

Turns out TV preferences area stronger indicationof how pockets of the country will vote than past political outcomes. Are you a fan of “Modern Family” or “Duck Dynasty”?

Missed Donald Trump while buying your Christmas or Hanukkahgifts this year? Well, a high school couple would like you to consider sending Trump a flesh-colored vulva lollipop.

Some of the Radio City Rockettes are still reeling after the announcement that the dancers will perform at Trump’s inauguration. While signing up isn’tmandatory, one woman said she fears the fallout.

An appeals court is still talking about Hillary Clinton’s “damn emails.”

As 2017 peeks it’s head around the corner, 2016 struck again. Carrie Fisher, iconic “Star Wars” actress and script doctor, died and fans took to social media to express their sorrow.

Pop performer Britney Spears is very much alive, despite an internet hoax claiming the “Toxic” singer was captured by 2016’s death net.

George Michael’s partner opened up on Twitterabout finding the British musician dead on Christmas morning.

President BarackObama said he would have won if he ran for a third-term. Trump disagrees. What do you think?Take our poll.

Trump Tower was evacuatedafter a suspicious package– later determined to be a backpack of toys–was found.

More and more, star college football players arevoluntarily skipping bowl games. Should this trend be allowed to continue?

A professor from Drexel Universitytweeted that all he wanted for Christmas was “white genocide,”prompting a meeting with university officials and a storm of controversy. Was it satire covered by free speech or just reprehensible?

A city in Massachusetts willcelebratesomething else on New Year’s –the first time the American flag was raised. George Washington raised the “Grand Union” flag 241 years ago.

There won’t be any Calle Castro or Plaza de Fidel Castro in Cubaafter a law was passed banning naming sitesafter the departed leader.

There wassmoke on the waterin Chicago, but no word on any fire in the sky. Let’s explain…

#ICYMI, to quote Johnny Cash, “there will be a pie in the sky,” sincespace enthusiastsattached a meat pie to a weather balloon.

NASA’s Cassini spacecraft, which has been studying Saturn’s moon, Titan (believed to be a possible future home for Earthlings), will perform its swan song.

For behind-the-scenes images of Cassini’s Titan fly-by,click here.

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