National LGBTQ Wall of Honor unveiled at Stonewall Inn – Metro US

National LGBTQ Wall of Honor unveiled at Stonewall Inn

On a sunny day in New York City, The Stonewall Inn shined a little extra bright as activists unveiled the National LGBTQ Wall of Honor.

The Inn’s second floor buzzed with an energy empowerment Thursday at the wall’s dedication, where attendees wore gowns and crowns as they listened to speakers and guests from around the country.

The colorful rainbow lists the names of 50 activists and artists who have helped pave the way in the LGBTQ community. Organizers say five additional names will be added each year. 

Some of the leaders joining the wall will include Keith Haring, Marsha P. Johnson, Harvey Milk, and Christopher Lee. Relatives of these icons spoke Thursday on behalf of their deceased loved ones about the impact this movement has had on them. 

Rea Carey, executive director, National LGBTQ Task Force said in a press release, “The 50 leaders recognized represent some of our most vibrant changemakers and serve as a reminder that each one of us has a role to play in achieving freedom for LGBTQ people. While we create this wall as an honor, we know that our liberation will be achieved by bringing down walls and ending barriers.” 

The National LGBTQ Wall of Honor founder and National Co-Chair Nicole Murray Ramirez, Queen Mother I of the Americas shared in a press release that, “This National LGBTQ Wall of Honor will remind our community whose shoulders we stand on and the pioneers, trailblazers, and heroes of our civil rights movement.” 

Although there has been a lot of progress made, there’s more that needs to be done, Carey said, “I invite everyone to honor those who have come before us and to be inspired to work for all that lies ahead.”

The National LGBTQ Wall of Honor at Stonewall was brought to life with the help of The National LGBTQ Task Force and the International Imperial Courts of the USA, Canada, and Mexico. Many of whom spoke about the significance this has and what impact it can have in the future.