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Nature inspires design at Waterscapes

Nature inspires design at Waterscapes at Waterview, and the result is nothing short of extraordinary.

The model suite of the development, situated at Lake Shore West and Park Lawn Road, showcases the power of light and nature to create an enduring sense of beauty and comfort.

Designer Carmen Dragomir of Esqape Design used the lakefront lifestyle itself as inspiration to create a space that melds modern sensibilities with seemingly effortless simplicity.

“My main inspiration was the waterfront, lakeside living, clean lines and colour tones inspired by Ralph Lauren nautical themes with an infusion of silver accents,” she said.

Dragomir used dark, navy blue tones to represent water and act as a dynamic element in the suite, along with white sand tones throughout to inspire a feeling of being on a white, sandy beach. She also used reflective surfaces extensively within the suite, particularly in the living area where large bevelled mirrors take over an entire wall to reflect the impressive lake views, which she says are an integral part of the building’s design. Nature itself, in fact, informs every element of Dragomir’s design at Waterscapes and the neutrality of tones is meant to leave room for a buyer’s own inspiration.

“Nature has a diversity that we can very much recreate in our living environments and as a result we create a symbiotic space where one colour engages different conversations. Colour creates emotions therefore while designing this model suite I intentionally left room for the buyer to add his or her own personal touches,” Dragomir said.

In the master bedroom, light flourishes and rebounds playfully with elements like shimmering glass and high-gloss furniture to create a luxurious look that still feels tranquil.

“My inspiration for this room was the design of luxurious cabanas used in hotel designs, where the main element is the white sheers or canvas. The overall final design resembles an idyllic peaceful garden,” Dragomir said.

The master ensuite bathroom uses earthier tones to create a spa-like feel for well-earned relaxing.

“The finishes and colours are more on the warm side as we intended to extend the main bedroom look in a way that you are drawn to the ensuite for those special spa times. Bathrooms are the place to unwind after a busy day and to go back to our senses by infusing light, textures and fragrance,” Dragomir said.

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