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Navabi designer Christine Shaw’s style tips for curvy women

Christine Shaw
Christine Shaw

Who says that having a curvy body stops you from being bang on trend? After all, there’s more to fashion than size zero. We spoke with Christine Shaw, creative director of plus-size brand navabi, to get some tips about how to your look your best – whatever the size.

Her philosophy as a designer

“I am interested in creating pieces that depend on feminine curves to make them come to life. There is a simplicity and sensuality to my work, but there is always an element of surprise also – perhaps a flash of color on a lining, for example.”

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The secrets to looking classy for curvy women

“Focus on cut and pieces that fit and drape well. Try to dress in a way that emphasises the parts of your body that you love. Elegance is important whatever size or shape you are. To me, clothes that are far too tight and/or too short do not look great on anyone. Learning to dress well is a journey of exploration that I feel involves getting to know and to love our own bodies unconditionally. If you feel good in what you are wearing, you will find that you look good as well. Someone once said that confidence is the ultimate fashion accessory – I agree.”

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Wearing colors or patterns

“I think that fashionable colors and prints should be available for all women. I like to elegantly break rules and push boundaries wherever I can. But I would say avoid small all-over florals and colors that are very harsh. Solid colors in lights or darks always work well. Monochromatic or tonal prints often look more tasteful.”

The most flattering shapes for a curvy woman

“Firstly, there is no one way to be curvy! Ironically, oversized shapes that totally cover the body can sometimes actually make you look bigger and can be extremely unflattering. Pear- shaped women, like me, always wear gentle ‘A’-line shapes well or shapes that are fuller around the hip or skirt area. Hourglass body types can wear shapes that come into the waist – maybe a bias cut that falls into the body. ‘H’-line, or what I sometimes call ‘matchbox’ cuts, are really cool on apple body types.”

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