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NBA Playoffs: Celtics-Heat so close to reality

Eliminated from last season’s playoffs, LeBron James ripped off his Cleveland Cavaliers jersey on his way off the TD Garden court. It would be the last time he was seen in it.

Poor LeBron. He just couldn’t get it done in Cleveland. He failed to bring “home” a championship not one, not two, not three, but seven times — the same amount of times he promised to bring one to his new team, the Miami Heat.

The “Heatles,” as James refers to the squad, are just one game away from moving on to the East semis against the Celtics — a sure thing, assuming they can figure out how to close out a tight game.

It’s a matchup that’s been in the making since Chris Bosh and James buddied up with Dwyane Wade down south.

As the reigning Eastern Conference champions, the C’s watched as Wade, James and Bosh had their welcoming party in Miami. Before the Heat even stepped onto the court together, they were all but awarded the NBA title — never mind the Eastern Conference crown; that would be easy.

But then the regular season started, and it wasn’t so easy. Sure, the Heat found success, but by no means did they take the league by storm. In fact, they finished behind the Chicago Bulls in the conference by four games.

The C’s went 3-1 against Miami during the regular season, but it’s that one loss — the last game played between the two — that really stands out. Boston lost 100-77, conceding the second seed in the East in the process.

It’s yet to be determined if that game will have a lasting effect on the Eastern Conference semifinals. But if it does go to a Game 7 in South Beach, the C’s will certainly be ready to take their talents there.

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