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NBA Rumors: Did Kyrie Irving – LeBron James have secret meeting in Miami?

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The news has been constant — at least the rumors — Kyrie Irving will probably be playing with a new team in 2017-18.

So what is taking so long?

The possibilities have swirled, from New York to San Antonio to Phoenix to Boston and to nearly every team in between. But the decision on what to actually do with Irving lies with the Cavs front office. And the most powerful person in the Cavs front office is LeBron James.

According to reports, the two could have met. If they did, what does it mean?

ESPN’s Tony Rizzo said: “From very reliable sources. Plural. Kyrie and LeBron were in the same room over the weekend in Florida…Apparently these guys were in the same room and here’s the deal. I don’t know if there’s a thawing out process. All I do know is LeBron didn’t punch Kyrie the way Stephen A thought he would. I can report that. As for what they talked about or discussed…it was very cool. They didn’t get into any heated discussions.”

This was sort of confirmed by ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, with both James and Irving spending time right now in Miami. But he isn’t so sure a meeting even occured. And if it did, Woj suspects it didn’t contain talks about Irving’s trade request.

“There’s always a lot of stuff that floats around on the internet,” Woj said on ESPN Thursday morning. “I don’t know of any meeting. I know they both spent time in Miami. I know Kyrie has been at the University of Miami working out over the last weeks … and LeBron spends some time there in the offseason too … it’s not inconceivable that they could cross paths somewhere.

“But it even if they did, it’s not going to change anything. To me, it doesn’t mean anything. I’m not sure there’s anything for them to talk out. Kyrie’s made his trade request, and it’s for reasons bigger than Lebron, and he’s not going to rescind that.”

If the meeting didn’t happen already it won’t later this week, as James is slated to fly to Los Angeles.

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