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NBA rumors Gordon Hayward to return to Celtics soon?

Gordon Hayward. Getty Images

Brad Stevens and Danny Ainge keep telling us that Gordon Hayward is not going to return to the court this season. Gordon Hayward keeps telling us that it’s not out of the question. He also keeps posting social media videos of his improvement, which has Celtics fans spitting out their coffee every other week.

On Monday, Hayward posted a video of himself jogging.

“First time running without assistance,” Hayward tweeted with accompanying video.

The NBA playoffs are longer than your girlfriend’s co-worker’s wedding ceremony – so there is still plenty of hope that Hayward can go from jogging to a full-out sprint within the next eight weeks or so. It’s just a shame that we’ll have to wait until October to see the Celtics’ best two players at 100 percent.

That one minute in Cleveland last fall where Hayward and Irving and Horford and Brown and Tatum were flying up and down the floor was an exciting one.


Farewell (not really) to the Sedin twins

The Sedin twins – Henrik and Daniel – have jointly announced that they are retiring at the end of this NHL season. This feels a lot like that annoying couple you know that dresses up as Elsa and Olaf for Halloween each year.

I mean, can we have some individuality here?

This news will surely garner a reaction out of Bruins fans, who landed on the Boston Sports Heels Hall of Fame list in the 2011 Stanley Cup Final.

Brad Marchand famously rabbit punched Daniel for what seemed like 35 times in a row, which has turned into one hell of a GIF.

Anyway, farewell Sedin twins. You were wonderfully hateable, and both of you look exactly like Hans Klopek from the 1989 film, “The Burbs.”


Things that suck: April baseball in the Northeast

Major League Baseball seasons run 162 games, this year from late March to late September. That is a very long time. There really should be some sort of scheduling rule in place so that no games North of Washington, D.C. take place until April 22nd or so. The Red Sox will play in 30 degree weather at Fenway this coming weekend against the Rays and there is some freezing rain in the forecast. The Yankees’ home opener yesterday was not rained out, but snowed out.


There is literally nothing worse as a Boston sports fan than being at Fenway Park in April while sitting in one of those hard plastics seats during a game in which it’s precipitating and you can see your own breath.

There are enough southern teams and teams which play indoors that we can figure this thing out.

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