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NBC at TCA: Life on ‘Chicago P.D.’ is more fun than you might expect

At least he made sure the car was stopped this time.
Matt Dinerstein, NBC

Friday’s afterenoon Television Critics Association panels featured a dual meeting of “Chicago P.D.” and “Chicago Fire,” with “Fire” actors Eamonn Walker, Taylor Kinney and Jesse Spencer sharing the stage with creator Dick Wolf and “Chicago P.D” stars Sophia Bush and Jesse Lee Soffer.

In contrast to their intense shows, the actors kept making each other laugh, talking about the time they filmed a zumba scene or when Jesse Lee Soffer jumped out of a car after an action sequence and left the car in drive. Wolf addressed the way “Chicago Fire” handled the departure of Lauren German, saying, “Leavetakings are bittersweet, but you’re always looking for ways to do them that are unexpected, or that make them cliffhangers for the entire summer.”

Sophia Bush discussed her character’s recent career jump, saying Lindsay would be experiencing some misgivings about it. “Do I want what looks better on paper, or was I happier in this place I was before?”

Taylor Kinney got some laughs when he addressed the issue of whether Severide’s wife would ever return. “Ah, who knows? She’s a wild woman.”

The last panel of the day perhaps won the award for most cursing during a panel. The cast of “Parks and Recreation” came out to say goodbye, and, possibly recognizing that no one was going to be able to chastise at them, got pretty loose with what they said. When one journalist asked if any of the actors had ever thought of leaving the show, since Rashida Jones and Rob Lowe did, Chris Pratt said firmly, “I don’t care how much money someone would offer me, I would never abandon ship. No f—king way.”

Retta, addressing the beginnings of her character Donna, said her agent tried to warn her off the show by saying the part was a “glorified extra.”

“I was like, dude, I’m not doing s—t.” She signed on just for the experience of working on a TV show every day, and lucky for the rest of us, the character of Donna got developed from there.

Amy Poehler addressed her least favorite part of the show, saying she hated Ben Wyatt’s overly complicated Cones of Dunshire strategy game, but said “One of the things I’m going to miss the most is hearing what’s going to happen to Leslie next year.”

The panel ended with Chris Pratt going on a pretty funny rant against internet commenters, most of which would be unprintable in a family newspaper, and which included the phrase “It’s just a crazy toilet bowl.” His advice for new comedies was pretty simple: “Don’t read comments, fast is funnier and don’t be afraid to be sentimental.”

Excuse us, we’re going to go experience some sentiments and cry over the ending of the show now.

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