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NDP continues Tory gas price policy

When the price of gas was set at midnight it possibly could have been higher or lower, but you’ll likely never know.

Like the Tories before them, the NDP so far are not making public the three options available when setting gas prices.

The issue first came up in the election when the Liberals revealed documents showing the Tories had been picking from different possible prices. But the options not chosen were blacked out by government staff.

Then-Premier Rodney MacDonald denied there were multiple choices and refused to release the documents. Acting Service Nova Scotia Minister Frank Corbett confirmed there are choices, but has so far said they will not release the documents showing what they are.

Instead the NDP want to wash their hands of the whole business and leave gas prices in the hands of the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board.

“Right now it’s premature; we haven’t really discussed whether we’re going to move forward with releasing the three options. What we’re moving forward on is moving it over to the UARB,” Corbett told reporters yesterday

Corbett said because they are busy switching the choice over to the UARB, the NDP cabinet would not look at releasing the options publicly.

The multiple price options stem from variables in the formula, such as price smoothing.

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