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NDP launches reply to Conservative attack ads

The NDP has unveiled a new campaign ad hitting back against the Tories.

Last week the Conservatives ran a series of ads saying the NDP was too risky to elect during tough economic times. An annoyed Darrell Dexter told Metro he wasn’t sure how long the NDP would continue to take it on the chin before they hit back. Apparently, that day has come.

“Why are Rodney MacDonald’s Conservatives running negative campaign ads?” the NDP commercial begins.

“Because they’re desperate to make you forget emergency room closures, their increased tax on electricity, and Rodney’s insulting advice to people to ‘take the bus.’ Enough. It’s time for genuine leadership for today’s families.”

The ad then shows Darrell Dexter interacting with various people to a voice-over about his leadership.

The NDP says the commercial is not an attack ad, but an attempt to focus debate back on the issues.

“If someone’s going to attack you, you have to reply to them,” said co-chair of the NDP election committee Sue Dodd. “We’re trying to respond to the fact that Rodney MacDonald has clearly called the election without officially calling the election.”

Deputy Premier Angus MacIsaac declined to respond to the ad.

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