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NDP ‘socialism’ a fit for North Korea: Tory senator

Could Darrell Jong-il be the next premier of Nova Scotia? Or perhaps Fidel Dexter?

Opposition parties were shaking their heads after one of Nova Scotia’s new Tory senators compared the “socialism” of NDP Leader Darrell Dexter and his party to North Korea and Cuba.

Stephen Greene, former deputy chief of staff to Premier Rodney MacDonald and recently named to the Senate, made the remarks Jan. 17 at a nomination meeting in Aylesford. They were reported by the Kings County Register.

Wednesday Dexter dismissed the jab as “rhetorical nonsense.”

“When they have to resort to rhetoric of this nature it poses the question of how seriously can you actually take them?” he said.

But Liberal Leader Stephen McNeil did think Greene should apologize. And he called on MacDonald to denounce the insults.

“Many Nova Scotians are fed up with politicians. They’re tired of this kind of behaviour and when one of us does it, it tarnishes us all,” said McNeil.

Greene made the comments as part of his speech about the “outstanding leadership” of Rodney MacDonald and how he should be elected over the NDP. He argued against the perception that an NDP government is inevitable.

“Are we going to ignore the lessons of the 21st century? No, and we have to prove it in the next election,” the Register quoted him as saying.

Premier MacDonald refused to comment on Greene’s statements, saying he didn’t know anything about them.

“I’m not even going to get into nonsense comments,” said MacDonald.

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