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Negative Nimbus: A Boston-born rain cloud gets ready to shine

The star of a new iOS app that is slated to launch Wednesday for iPads may look like he’s got a case of the blues, but his local creators said he will give plenty of players a reason to smile.

“Negative Nimbus,” created by Boston media company CloudKid, is a touch-based game that lets players accumulate points by helping the sad rain cloud known as Nimbus rain on flowers while keeping characters, like laptops, phones, apples and hot dogs, dry.

“He is the Eeyore of the skies,” said Mike Annear, CloudKid’s animation director. “We really wanted to hit that little sweet spot of humor that is on everyone’s level.”

Nimbus recently nabbed CloudKid the Visual Art Award at the Boston Indie Games Festival.

The Emmy-nominated company co-produced PBS’s “Fizzy’s Lunch Lab,” and produced its first game with “Sesame Street.”

“Now it’s time for us to flex our own muscles and show the world what we can do on our own,” said Dave Schlafman, CloudKid’s co-founder and a Massachusetts College of Art 2001 graduate.

“We wanted to create a character that was so memorable that we could do more than just an app. (Negative Nimbus) could be an animated series, or a comic, because the character is so loveable.”

The app will be available for iPhones next month.

Watch the game trailer here:

Negative Nimbus from CloudKid on Vimeo.

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