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Neighbours come together to grow their own food

What started as a tiny seed of an idea — a backyard veggie garden —has bloomed into a neighbourhood project that’s feeding families on Julia Hilton’s quiet Mount Pleasant street.

Hilton, a stay-at-home mom, started her garden with a neighbour as a way to save money and eat well.
“We decided there must be other people in the neighbourhood who had the same sort of (interest),” said Hilton.

“We designed a flyer and called ourselves the Two Block Diet.”

Since then, nearly 10 households have signed on, with members sharing the labour, cost of seeds and tools and the produce.

On Saturday, Hilton will be sharing her story at The Great Turning — a gathering of community leaders discussing ways people can address climate change and social justice.

“Anyone can do this, even if you’ve killed every plant you’ve had,” she said. “We’re not experts. We just decided it was a priority.”

Hilton said the health of the community has improved, with people eating better, spending time outside and getting to know one another.

She added that the financial savings are also huge.

“A package of seeds for $2 will provide you salad for the whole season. You couldn’t buy a bag of salad for that.”

For more information about The Great Turning visit bethechangeearthalliance.org.

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