Netflix-inspired Ben & Jerry’s flavor sliding into a DM near you – Metro US

Netflix-inspired Ben & Jerry’s flavor sliding into a DM near you

Netflix-inspired Ben & Jerry’s flavor sliding into a DM near you
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Peanut butter, brownie bites, both sweet and salty pretzels spells out a whole pint of reasons why you’re not getting off that couch tonight.

Ben & Jerry’s solidified a new partnership with Netflix in Midtown Wednesday night, bringing out the streaming service’s regular comedian, Michelle Buteau, to announce the new scoop.

Michelle Buteau (right) with a flavor engineer for Ben & Jerry’s. (Twitter/BenAndJerrys)

While Buteau threw out some wacky flavor combos for a potential ice cream named after her, the New Jersey native marveled at the ceremonial first taste of the finished product — appropriately named “Netflix & Chilll’d.”

It’s a pint that harmonizes the sweet and salty flavor pillars with a bridge of peanut butter ice cream, bringing together a long-desired contrast for many Ben & Jerry’s consumers.

Here’s how it went on a first taste test: the crunchy, salty sensation is the initial flavor, followed by a smoother texture change from a softened brownie bite that gets rounded out by the proverbial happy medium of peanut butter in the scoop.

Like many other Ben & Jerry’s flavors, Netflix & Chilll’d is a tough one to put down — especially in a cozy, closed quarters environment, watching some Netflix programming with a significant other.

Some of that original programing made its way into a promotional video for the new flavor that also debuted on Jan. 15.




Plenty of great moments from Netflix shows featuring ice cream were also shown in a lengthier video shown at the flavor premiere. It included a scene from Stranger Things Season 3, where Steve Harrington tries to explain to the Soviet military what ice cream is, prompting chuckles from the crowd.

Just as the company says that Netflix has an option for everyone, Ben & Jerry’s subsequently introduced a vegan, non-dairy blend of the Netflix & Chilll’d ice cream that incorporates all as much sweet and salty as its dairy counterpart.

“It’s a flavorful world, and everyone is invited to grab a spoon,” Long Island-rooted ice cream company advises. (The company had, of course, moved to Vermont long ago.)

Ben & Jerry’s even offers a ‘what to watch’ quiz that will help you find the perfect programming to pair with your ice cream.

For this reporter, it’s just about any British comedy offered on the streaming service — like “The Inbetweeners.”