#Neverflop – NBA players still taking advantage of refs: Sid Rosenberg – Metro US

#Neverflop – NBA players still taking advantage of refs: Sid Rosenberg

#Neverflop – NBA players still taking advantage of refs: Sid Rosenberg
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Flopping has become one of the most controversialtopics in the NBA since 2012 when the NBA began fining players for the act. The NBA’s official rulebook defines flopping as any physical act that appears to have been intended to cause the referees to call a foul on another player. The reason why the rulewas implemented was that players had become increasingly inept at duping referees into blowing their whistles by exaggerating contact.But the fines have not yet quelled the flopping issue. Itis pathetic, and has taken away from the integrity of the game.

NBA players are using their athleticprowess and amateur acting skills to manipulate referees into calling fouls where there is little or no contact.In the blink of an eye, referees have to make knee-jerk reactions to either make a call or not make a call. More often than not refereesmakethe right call and are consistent when making calls. And that right there -consistency -is one reason why players continue to flop.

Referees make adjustments for everygame and for every team because no two teams play at the same pace and no two players have the same repertoire of moves. As a whole, referees remain consistent in the calls the make. Because referees strive to be consistent, players are able to manipulatethe referees by simply figuring out what the referees will let them get away with when it comes to foul calls. Players, specifically the “superstars”of the NBA, will manipulate the referees into making foulcalls that look like the same fouls they have beencalling, but in reality the player has hoodwinked the referees.

I know what you’re thinking. “Well if the player can get away with it,why should he be penalized?”

In the defense of the players, itis not totally their fault that the referees are vulnerable to manipulation as they are human beings just as we are. But I do blame the players to a certain extent for taking advantage of the referees.A basketball player’s goal is to put the ball in the basketand to stop their opponentfrom doing the same. A referee’s purpose on the court is to hold up the integrity of the game by enforcing the rules. It is that simple. Players should not be looking to manipulate the referees to gain an advantage. But players do,and in returnthe players who play the referees get preferred treatment from them.

The 2016 NBA Playoffs havealreadyhad a bunch of controversy in regards to foul calls.The Warriors’ Draymond Green delivered a swift leg kick to the groin of the Thunder’s Steven Adams after Green drove into the lane and Adams contested his layup. Looking at his objectively, Green got intothe body of Adams, exaggerated the move he made to the bucket, and ended up kicking Adams. I do not think Green intentionally kicked Adams but I do believe Green flopped. An unusual flop, but a flop nonetheless.

It isincidents like this that need to be ridded fromthe game.#NeverFlop.