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New app lets subletters swipe right

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Swipe right or swipe left has become part of young singles everyday vocabulary — but it’s no longer reserved for the dating world.

A new app, described as a “Tinder for subletting,” promises to give a more personalized touch to the experience.

“Real estate is a very personal thing,” Jeremy Hefter who developed Let’s Sub with Sonia Brown told BostInno. “People feel comfortable when there’s a commonality.”

“It’s like dating. It’s just a different use case,” Hefter also told BostInno, which first reported on the app. “We thought, ‘Why can’t we do the same, but for real estate?’”

Let’s Sub, based in Boston, focuses on both short-term and long-term sublets, as well as anyone looking for roommates, with the goal of making “the endless struggle of finding sublets, roommates or a subletter as simple, fun and easy as possible without having to search high and low, rely on word of mouth, friends or pesky Craigslist and Facebook ads.”

Users are not restricted to the Boston area, but as a new app, it may be hard to find matches in some places. According to BostInno, the app uses an algorithm based on preferences, such as what people like, where they want to live, what amenities they can’t live without and what their budget is. Potential matches can then swipe away.

For now the app and postings are free.

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