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New dating app uses actual people to screen potential users

Dating app Tinder keeps you somewhat honest by linking to your Facebook account — assuming your Facebook is accurate. But the new Blend, coming soon to a city near you, takes it a step further by requiring users to sign in with both Facebook and LinkedIn.

After you apply to the app, Blend’s algorithm decides if you’re, as the company puts it, “right for Blend.”

But here’s where it gets interesting: After the computers do their technology things, actual human people go through that narrowed field and accept, reject, or wait list potential users.

Accepted users get three invite codes to send to their friends.

The Facebook/LinkedIn sign-in combo is supposed to guarantee no fake profiles. But that’s not enough. The team at Blend screens them to ensure the app features only “quality profiles.”

To Blend, that means users who are single, truthful about their age, “social,” and “relatively well behaved and educated.”

The app will also limit the number of 18 to 24 year olds to 35 percent of the total users, so it doesn’t skew too young (or too hook up-y, we’re assuming, or at least relatively hook up-y).

If you feel strongly that you’re relatively well behaved, pre-registration is happening now at Go-blend.com.

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